CareerCrafters, the official Student Personality Development committee of the EEE department, MAIT, was established in 2022.

It comprises a team of dedicated students headed by Dr Monika Gupta, (HOD, EEE), and faculty co-ordinators Mr Ashok Goyal, Ms Ayushi Aggarwal and Ms Monika Bhardwaj.



Career Crafters serves as the dynamic and dedicated committee within the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at MAIT, focused on empowering students in their professional and personal journeys. This committee is a cornerstone in bridging the gap between academic learning and the practical demands of the workplace. By nurturing the comprehensive development of students, Career Crafters stands as a beacon of guidance, skill enhancement, and career readiness.



To foster a community of future engineers and technocrats in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, who are not only industry-ready and innovative but also ethical entrepreneurs and researchers committed to societal betterment.



  1. Quality Education Enhancement: Complement the department’s mission of imparting quality education by organizing workshops and seminars that bridge the gap between academic theory and industry practices.
  2. Talent Development for Research and Innovation: Foster an environment conducive to innovation and research, through mentorship programs, research projects, and collaboration with industry experts and academicians.
  3. Integration of Hardware and Software Skills: Focus on developing students’ competencies in integrating hardware and software, essential for the modern EEE landscape, through practical training sessions and hands-on projects.
  4. Entrepreneurial Development: Align with the department’s goal of developing entrepreneurs by conducting events and workshops on entrepreneurial skills, business ethics, and global market trends.
  5. Ethical and Social Responsibility: Instil a sense of ethical responsibility and social awareness among students through community service projects, ethical decision-making workshops, and discussions on societal impacts of engineering solutions.
  6. Global Perspective and Networking: Offer platforms for international exposure and networking, including guest lectures from global industry leaders and opportunities for international collaborations and internships.
  7. Career Guidance: Provide comprehensive career counselling and placement assistance tailored to the unique needs of EEE students, preparing them for diverse career paths including engineering, research, and entrepreneurship.

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