Details for Annual Day 2019

1.   List of faculty members who have completed Ph.D/ M.Tech in 2018

Ph.D.:                    NIL

M.Tech.:                NIL    

2.  List of faculty members pursuing Ph.D. / M.Tech.

      Ph.D. (Seven)

i)         Ms. Neelu Nagpal

ii)       Mr. S.K. Pandey

iii)      Ms. Neelam Kassarwani

iv)      Mr. Ashok Goyal

v)        Ms. Ponam Juneja

vi)      Mr. Naveen Kumar

vii)     Ms. Monika Gupta

M.Tech.   :  NIL

3.    List of Non teaching staff members who have acquired new qualification in 2018.


4.    List of Seminars / Workshops organized by Department in 2018

i)    One week faculty development program on Green Energy and Clean Energy on 23-28 July2018.

ii)   One day Seminar on “Waste Management  by NPTI, Govt. of India on July 26, 2018

5.      List of publications of faculty and students in 2018

National Conference International Conference National Journal International Journal Book Chapter Total
Faculty NIL 7 NIL 8 1 16
Students NIL 1 NIL NIL NIL 1

6.   Achievements of the Department

i)      Department received first prize in GGSIPU Major Project Competition.

7.    Special achievements of individual staff members: 

i)      Dr. Monika Gupta and Mr Ashok Goyal supervised the student’s major project which won first prize in GGSIPU Major Project Competition.

                                                                                                      Prof. Rajveer Mittal