Faculty Incharge: Dr Neelam Kassarwani

Faculty Coordinator: Mr Ravi Sharma

List of Books

The mission of the department library is to provide the hard and soft-copy of the technical resources to the staffs and students of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. At present we have more than 300 books, which cover all the major areas of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students as well as staff of the  Electrical and Electronics Engineering department can borrow books from the library. Each year new books are added to the present collection.


library pic

 The different resources available in the department library is

  1. Text books
  2. Thesis reports (seminar, mini project, main project)
  3. Competitive exam guides
  4. Lecture notes
  5. Lab manuals
  6. Digital resources
  7. Sessional question bank
  8. University question bank
  9. Conference proceedings
  10. Internet browsing facility
  11. College publications

Working Hours:

On all working days: From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Students can enter into the department only during break time. If they want to use the library during some other time, they should get special permission from the library Incharge.
  2. A student can take at most 2 books at a time and can hold them for a period of 15 days. Book renewal is not permitted.
  3. A staff can take at most 2 books at a time and can hold it for a period of one month.
  4. The members of the library need to enter their details in the Activity register before entering in to the department library.
  5. Other than textbooks the hard copies of all the other resources are available only for reference or for two days with special permission from the library Incharge.