Lesson Plan for Theory Subjects 

1st year Theory Courses

Electrical Science (ES-159/160)

2nd year Theory Courses

Computational Methods (ES-201

Electrical Materials (EEC 209)

Electrical Machine-I (EEC-211

Electromagnetic Field Theory (ECC-213)

Probability, Statistics and Linear Programming (BS‐202)

Circuits and Systems (EEC-208

Electrical Machines – II  (EEC210

Power Systems-I (EEC212)

3rd year Theory Courses

Power Systems-II (EEC-303)

Electrical and Electronics Measuring Instruments (EEC-305)

Sensors & Transducer (ETEE-305)

Introduction to Control System (EEC-307)

Power Electronics  (EEC-309)

Utilization of Electrical Energy & Electric Traction (ETEE 304)

Power Station Practice (ETEE-312)

4th year Theory Courses

Electric Drives (ETEE-401)

Advanced Control System (ETEE-403)

EHV AC & HVDC Transmission (ETEE-405)

Electrical Machine Design Theory (ETEL-405)

Renewable Energy Recourses Theory (ETEE 419)

Power System Operation and Control Theory (ETEE406

Electrical Energy Conservation (ETEE-416)

Electrical Power Quality (ETEE-432)


Lesson Plan for Laboratory

1st year Lab Courses

Electrical Science Lab- (ES-159/160)

2nd year Lab Courses

Computational Lab (ES-251)

Electrical Machines Lab-I  (EEC-257)

Electrical Engineering Workshop Lab (EEC-259)

Network Analysis and Synthesis Lab (EEC-206)

Electrical Machines Lab-II (EEC-256)

Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments Lab  (ETEE-258)

Power System-I Lab EEC-260

3rd year Lab Courses

Sensors and Transducers Lab (MAC-355)

Power Electronics Lab  (EEC-357)

Power System Lab-II (ETEE-352)

Utilization of Electrical Energy Lab (ETEE-354)

4th year Lab Courses

Electrical Drives Lab  (ETEE-451)

Neuro & Fuzzy System Lab (ETEE-452)

Advanced Control Systems Lab (ETEE-453)

Electrical Machines Design Lab  (ETEE-455)