3-Day Industrial Training Workshop

on “SCADA, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid”  


A 3-Day Industrial Training Workshop was organized by EEE Department on “SCADA, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid” in association with National Power Training Institute (NPTI) Faridabad under Skill Development Programme from 20-03-2017 to 22-03-2017 for the students of sixth Semester students, EEE. It was attended by 124 students and 21 faculties from the EEE Department and was a great success. On the first day, the program was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamps by the dignitaries, Respected Director General, Prof. M.L. Goyal and Director, Prof. Neelam Sharma, Dr. S.S. Deswal, Dean (Academics). A bouquet was presented by our Director General and Director to worthy NPTI faculties, Mrs. Vatsala Sharma (Sr. Deputy Director) and Mr. Mahinder Singh (Deputy Director). The workshop was initiated by the Assistant Director, Mr. Mahinder Singh, NPTI who enlightened the students by his knowledge and expertise on National Electricity Plan related to Smart Grid. The HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources) software, developed by HOMER Energy LLC, USA, which is a powerful software, particularly in Distributed Energy Resources (DER), was discussed by him and the participant students and teachers were trained to use it for study & design. Further, an impressive presentation on ‘Power Sector and Thermal Power’ was delivered by Mrs. Vatsala Sharma, distinguished faculty of NPTI. On the second day, Mr. Mahinder Singh addressed the gathering on ‘Renewable Energy Sources’. The presentation was not just a theoretical one; rather it displayed a practical approach in our daily life applications. It was also an interactive session where the doubts & questions of participants were taken by him. The third day commenced with the presentation on ‘Power System: Automation and Integration of IT Technologies in Power System’ by Mrs. Vatsala Sharma, who finished her lecture by discussing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Dr. Rajveer Mittal also presented a talk on Wind Energy Conversion System and their integration to the Grid. Besides these lecture sessions, on both the days, two useful software namely HOMER and PVSYST V 5.52 were provided to the students and had hands-on experience with the same. At the end of the workshop, vote of thanks was delivered by HOD, EEE on the behalf of the Department to the NPTI faculties for sparing their valuable time and to all the participating faculty and students for their cooperation in successful completion of the 3-day Industrial Training Program. This workshop indeed proved to be very effective and knowledgeable for everyone who attended it. The students of Third Year EEE and the faculty are grateful to the Management of MAIT, Founder & Chief Advisor Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, Chairman Shri Prem Sagar Goel, Director General Dr. M.L. Goyal, Director Mrs. Neelam Sharma for their continuous support in organizing such useful seminars and workshops and enlightening them with the state of the art technologies.